From Brain Control to Multiverses, ‘Rick and Morty’ Gets Some Science Right

Hyperintelligent cyborg dogs. Parasitic alien shape-shifters. Portal guns that open gateways between dimensions. A nanoscale amusement park in a living human body, with a pirate-themed ride through the pancreas. The sci-fi world of the popular animated series "Rick and Morty" is bizarre and fantastic. In episode after episode, rogue scientist Rick Sanchez demonstrates that he's the smartest person — and possibly the most dangerous one — in this and other universes, as he brews concentrated dark matter or steals energy-generating crystals from a post-apocalyptic hellscape. Whether Rick and his inventions will save humanity or guarantee its annihilation is never certain until the credits roll and Iphone Cases. But while devices such as Rick's multiverse-crossing portal gun may not exist in the real world, the scientific concept of multiverses — multiple…
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