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Tips for Communicating Employee Monitoring to Employees

Video surveillance doesn’t need to be explicitly disclosed to employees and agreed to by your workforce Situs Nonton Movie Sub Indo. Visible signage stating that the premises are monitored by security cameras can be enough to cover legal and ethical grounds. The knowledge that cameras are monitoring everything is often enough to prevent internal theft by employees.

Transparency is always a good practice. Since many employees feel uncomfortable being monitored, it’s important to be forthcoming about what you hope to accomplish and how surveillance aligns with your business’s goals. According to a survey by Dtex Systems, “77% of employed Americans would be less concerned with their employer monitoring their digital activity on personal or work-issued devices they use to conduct work, as long as they are transparent about it and let them know up front.”

In fact, transparency can make employees more willing to subject themselves to different methods of monitoring and tracking. Approximately 50 of 80 employees at technology company Three Square Market voluntarily had microchips implanted in them. The chips allowed the employees to enter the building and buy lunch without keeping track of an ID card. Three Square Market’s honesty about the purpose of the microchips led to over half of its employees voluntarily participating in the program.