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Organizing a poker night can be a daunting task at the best of times, especially if you have never done it before. There are a whole host of considerations to make, from who will come, to how many poker chips you’ll need for each player. It can take days of planning and require a lot more work than your day job, but ultimately a well-run poker night is worth all the blood, sweat and inevitable tears. With a bit of preparation and some good ideas, you can make sure your poker night is a hit for everyone involved. To that end, here are Situs Poker Online Tips To Host The Perfect Poker Night.
Be prepared and ma e a plan. As they say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. OK, so that’s a bit extreme for a fun poker night, but you get the point. Start by making a checklist of everything you’ll need – players, a table, snacks, poker chips, cards, a venue, drinks and every and anything else you can think of. If you write everything down and mark it off, you’re less likely to forget something important. Take a few days to think about it if possible.

Your list should include relevant information, such as:

Venue – Where is the game going to be? Does the venue have a table and chairs? Is it outside? Will there be a smoking area?

Players – Who’s invited?

Catering – What food/snacks are you going to provide? Are any of the players allergic to anything? Will it be bring your own (BYO) drinks (alcoholic or otherwise) or will you provide some? If you’re providing the drinks, what will they be?

What – What style of game will be played? Will it be a cash game or tournament? Texas Hold em’ or Five Card Draw or something else? What will the buy in be? Are there going to be rebuys? Will the blinds up base on a time limit, or when players are eliminated?
Most people don’t have a purpose-built poker table sitting around, so it falls on a regular household table to fulfil the job for the game. It should be able to seat between 6 and 10 players comfortably. Less than 6 players and the game often stalls, any more than 10 and you’ll spend half the night playing one hand. Space is also an issue; you want everybody to be able to sit at the table without bumping into each other.

If more than 10 players commit to the game, you’ll need a second table, as a minimum, have 6 per table. Regardless of how many people you’re expecting, it would be best if you planned for a few extras; there is always that one person who brings a friend or two. It’s better to have too many rather than not enough.

Chairs are another consideration, make sure to have enough chairs for every one of your guests, then have a few extras at the ready for an emergency and interlopers. If you’re desperate, make the event BYOC – Bring Your Own Chair. Rather than make it seem like something you should apologize for (I mean, who really has 15 chairs laying around their house?), make a feature of it and award a prize for the best chair.