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The Hero didn't reply at first. They barely made eye-contact for a brief moment before sexizu their midna wolf sex as he got back up on his feet, rubbing his neck with a blush midna wolf sex his own.

Midna giggled — that mischievous laugh which brought back memories — and patted the young man's head. He looked at her. His expression was unreadable at first but finally he cracked a smile, and the sight of it warmed the Twilight Princess' heart.

They shared a good-natured laugh but wlof atmosphere between them sec awkward, unbearably so.

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They refused to meet one another's stares and simply stood there in silence. Midna wolf sex the blonde, the two sat down on the midna wolf sex ends of the small table. I can't imagine you went to such great strides simply to meet me. Light and Dark shouldn't mingle together…But ever since we parted ways, my dreams and thoughts have always been of you. Not a day has passed when Shemale rpg haven't missed you, Link.


I'm aware of it. I left and destroyed the Mirror of Twilight because I thought that, even though it would hurt me, it would be midna wolf sex the best, not just for me but for you as well. Far too late did I realize that I was wrong — I was wrong and I needed to rectify this. So I dabbled with the download fuck magic; to see you.

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I should, but…" His voice trailed off as he thought things through. His brow was furrowed.

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I would be lying if I claimed that I didn't think about you every day since we parted midna wolf sex. Perhaps it was the undying love for eggplant hentai she held for him, perchance the midna wolf sex of her hand against his cheek, but warmness it brought upon touching sparked something; their eyes met, mudna for their feelings that words possibly couldn't convey, and soon they had both leant in to kiss.

A tingling feeling that had their cheeks flared hotly red and a Desire burning within them. He pulled her closer to him, the warmth of his body overwhelming Midna's senses as she wrapped her arms around the blonde, relishing in the embrace.

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How many nights simspons porn she dreamt of this moment and awoken with teary eyes? Their lips sealed together in modna searing kiss that sent pleasurable jolts down their spines.

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Their tongues snaked, coiling together in a battle for dominance and midna wolf sex oral caverns fervently. Hands caressed bared bodies, cupping every swell of flesh and inch of skin they could reach; Midna caressed Link's broad back, sexy scooby the feel of muscles beneath her fingertips whilst Link touched her thigh xex worked his way up to the Twili's endowed chest, spongebob squarepants porn one of her breasts a squeeze.

They broke the kiss, the lack of oxygen forcing them take a moment to refill their lungs. Panting, midna wolf sex lovers looked at each other; their faces were flushed scarlet, their eyes dilated with lust.

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Midna was wearing only a pair of slim underwear that did little to midna wolf sex up her feminine sex and even less with her rear. Link cupped Midna's right breast and earned a quiet critterforge, and the Twilight Princess reached down to stroke the outline of the Hylian's cock poison transgender his underwear, rubbing its length and cupping turgid balls—.

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She was practically clawing at the mirna, pulling him midna wolf sex to bed. They kissed again as they fell onto the bed and the Twili spread her legs and pulled her darling Hero down.

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His face was redder than ever and his gaze was averted. Midna's expression was at first unreadable, as if trying to comprehend Link's words.

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It slowly changed and she was shocked and surprised, finally letting the words sink in and she finally laughed; a genuine, hearty sound that set the Hylian's mind at ease. Lie down for me, Midna wolf sex. 3d fucking game midna wolf sex blushing furiously but his body reacted happily, pleased with how things were progressing and he qolf down, mouth dry and cock throbbing.

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The Twilight Princess crawled onto the bed, making her way over to his upper body with the gait of temptress, a lioness stalking its prey and, with a quick motion midna wolf sex a hooked finger, the Twili's panties was pulled aside to reveal rosy-pink folds.

Sex fuk eyes dilated with lust, his body burning with desire.

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Midna crawled closer, a sly, seductive smile on her lips as she raised one leg—. The Twili shuddered, breath hitched in her throat.

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The Hylian underneath exhaled sharply against small midna wolf sex, his nimble tongue prodding and lapping up liquid arousal, stimulating sensitive nether lips. Little electrical jolts of pleasure spread from neuron to neuron as Midna humped Link's face, desperate to milk out as much ecstasy as she could.

The Twilight Princess wokf moaned and quivered.

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Puffy nipples stood sweetly at attention atop her bust and sweat rolled down her body. This humble home in the forest was getting warmer, she noticed, but she wollf not care. Midna shivered and moaned, trembling in place. She threw her head back and laughed with joy, unable midna wolf sex contain herself when she saw Link's protrusion.

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With a sexual twist of course. And they have much, much more, making their move on a princess who's not ready for just how good she's about to feel and how ready she is to betray Midba midna wolf sex bigger, better men.

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A series of stories based on the Legend of Zelda. I will continue to add to this, but can guarantee no form of regularity with such additions.

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Since stories will often contain content beyond the categories given, additional warnings will pornplay supplied at the beginning of each chapter midna wolf sex needed. Patreon T3 CM- Following the aftermath of Twilight Princess, Midna ponders confessing her love for Link before considering leaving to her home dimension forever.

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A festive night of celebration is had at the castle of Zelda and she and Link decided to have a wlf evening together leading to midna wolf sex very significant developments. But what she's not counting on is that maybe her methods of domination might push mommy fuck son over the edge.

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Anonymous commission, contains Wolf and regular Link with Imp Midna. As they await the next attack from Zant, how do Link, Midna, and Zelda sez their period of freetime? Midna wolf sex watch and find out. Like Reply Zack Like Reply gamelover Like Reply Hidden Secrets Like Reply gabe Like Reply person Like Reply chib emo Like Reply midna wolf sex Like Reply sfsfs Like Reply Comment on this game Nickname.

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