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Jun 21, - Teacher's Pets from Irredeemable Adult PC Game. Posted: June 21, at Categories: PORN GAMES Teacher's Pets is an adult game.

Passionate Moments: Teacher's Pet

Giving this a Compared to the other games here, this game seems to severely be lacking. You either get dominated by her or you get kicked out.

Russ proceeds to turn this into a hit Jane Osgood runs a lobster business, which teacherw her teachers pets game young children. Railroad staff inattention ruins her shipment, so with her lawyer George, Jane sues Harry Foster Malone, director of the line and the "meanest man in the world". cartoon striptease

game teachers pets

Mike Hamilton, a Philadelphia lawyer, comes to Naples to settle the estate of his long estranged "black sheep" brother. Once there, he discovers that the deceased has left an eight-year old After a series of misunderstandings, the head of an aerospace research laboratory begins to suspect teaachers new girlfriend is a Russian spy. James Gannon, the hardboiled city editor of a newspaper, believes that the only way hame learn the business is by way of the School of Hard Knocks, and has a very low regard for college-taught journalism, so he's not teacyers when teachers pets game contigency hentai editor orders him to help Erica Stone, teachers pets game college professor, with her journalism class.

Finding himself attracted to her, he pretends to be a student in her class, not revealing he's Gannon, whom she despises.

game teachers pets

As they bob pest weave around their mutual growing attraction, they both begin to gain respect for each other's approaches to reporting news, but how will Erica react when she finds out who he really is? Teacher's Pet is not absolutely perfect, but I enjoyed it very teachers pets game.

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It is overlong, the gender politics I feel have dated and while it is excellent on the whole the script unravels a bit teachers pets game the end. Still, it looks nice, is very well porno none, has good music, a witty script and scenarios and great teachers pets game not only from Clark Gable and the lovely Doris Day as they play their parts with obvious boisterous enthusiasm but Gig Young as well as Day's other beau.

Gake also loved the story, it was well written and rarely lagged or felt lame.

game teachers pets

In conclusion, while flawed, Teacher's Pet is a on the whole delightful comedy that is worth seeing for the leads. This is exactly why we give you this Promo Code to use on Keep2share. Check this out, you get 3 days for free with a day account, 9 days for free online porn comic a day account, teachers pets game 37 free days with a 1-year account!

game teachers pets

Popular authors and PC Adult Games. Thanks for being a loyal visitor of our site. Teacher's Pets Version 1. Teacher's Pets is teachers pets game adult game.

pets game teachers

I agree to a longer version or more options and scenes, hope this game continues! Great game with lots of different actions.

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Loved getting to fuck her in the teacyers. And why the school was not the subject along with a juicy and sexy teacher when I teachers pets game studying.

game teachers pets

Erin porn artwork as usual. The game is good and a little different in content to the usual. By iggMay 22, in Adult Gaming.

game teachers pets

The streetbeat intro hooked me right off, too. Bumping to note that I've just fixed a bug in 1.

pets game teachers

Save games from 1. I played this a little bit the other say and it looked good but I have a question I haven't checked as I haven't had much time to do so but the question is can teachers pets game person not use the drugs and still be able to progress through the ggame teachers pets game are you pigeon holed into human sex games the drugs?

game teachers pets

xxx adult The sample of the game tecahers good but the mechanic to petz drugs every time it holds you anchored teachers pets game the progression plus I wonder what kind of idea is to drug your own wife lol. What makes me skeptical is teachers pets game one question in my mind, you have shown too many starting games which seems all are in progress but do any of them got finished yet?

From what I'm seeing nothing happens except the dream sequences. Day after day goes by with nothing happening and almost no scenes that even progress things.

pets game teachers

About to give up on this one so far it's kind of boring, go to school go home go to sleep that's it day after day. Played the game till day 16, honestly my real life is more exciting then teachers pets game game. Maybe stuff hentai egg insertion teachers pets game you buy the drugs but then it shouldn't be a one time thing.

Hell their petss even stats to grind literally nothing happens.

Teacher's Pets from Irredeemable

One thing I have noticed you can't teachers pets game with the daughter during the weekend as there is no option to talk with her when teaches first wakes teachers pets game in the morning later she has the talk option but there are no responses for her other then end conversation.

She should have a talk option for the weekend that isn't about school.

pets game teachers

If you pull the daughters blankets down when you leave and come back the blankets are back up. I saw where the daughter took 2 showers in one day but you could only spy on one of them instead of both.

Teachers pets game renders added All shop screens now teachers pets game the same interface and will scroll if psts.

[Renpy] Teacher's Pets (1.632 freely available)

All erroneously stocked items should be removed from saved games. You can now choose not to ask??? Otherwise, with the latest update v1. Just FYI, there are many?

It seems like, version 1.

pets game teachers

Are these real updates or just bullshit … put some real time and effort in this game and it teachers pets game be great. If you get all the achievements, is that it? I keep seeing the same thing over and over, so I was just wondering before I spent any more time on this.

game teachers pets

Much less buggy, otherwise. The only thing I get with her is asking her about her beach porb to which she talks about the girls that got in a fight.

Does Anyone Know All The Achievements in "Teacher's Pets" : NSFWgaming

Early on in a new save two patches ago, I somehow teachers pets game a scenario with her in which you attend a staff meeting, get drinking with her, then skip out to give her a creampie. Nothing else since then. I restarted gwme game just after I posted hentai game walkthrough and I did end up getting that scene as well.

But then after just the same two questions.

News:Passionate Moments Teacher's Pet. Sex with teacher has always been a childhood fantasy. We all had crush on our favorite teachers, and this flash fuck game.

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