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Nov 23, - Author's Note: This is a lemon which contains adult content and sex, .. pinch them, stick my p-penis between them and enjoy a tit-job from.

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titjob stories The panties were soon pulled down, and Harry stared at Luna's sex. It was open, and slightly shiny, and the smell… It was like her own scent but much stronger and virtual fuck games enticing.

The libido had taken the throne of Harry Potter's mind titjob stories body. Now, triumphantly, it gave the order to storm Luna's holy gates.

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He undid his belt and pushed down his pants and boxers. Luna barely had time to see his cock and had no other references for size before Harry lined himself up and slammed it in, hard. Harry took hold titjob stories her hips titjob stories before pushing himself titjob stories as deep as he could go. Luna took in a deep breath and shuddered, the fabric of his shirt bunching up between her fingers.

He began to thrust into her, his hips slamming into her buttocks. Luna took deep breaths as he did so, and bit titjob stories lower lip as he pushed in shantae flash. Her wide eyes became half-open as the strange sensations assaulted her.

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Her insides felt like a strong fist wrapped in a hot, wet glove, squeezing him every time he entered her. Titjob stories and over again he pounded her.

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His hands moved to titjob stories her rear tentacle rp, and he began to physically pull her into storiws thrusts. She reached up and cradled the back of titjob stories head, resting her chin on his shoulder.

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It was slightly uncomfortable but it let her slam her hips back against his, increasing the sensations. She hissed as he thrust in particularly hard, and her legs rose to clasp his thighs. Harry did so, pounding away into her hot quim with as titjob stories force as he could manage.

Luna began to squeak as he did so, titjob stories her nails dug into wet pussy porn free shoulders. She moved it between their joined sexes, insistently pushing his titjob stories just above her full lower lips.

Harry's fingers went into motion, and as though grasping for a Snitch during a Quidditch match, they moved with fast and strong motions against Luna's clitoris as he pounded her desperately.

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Luna squeaked as titjob stories insides fluttered around him, and that was it for Harry. Luna pressed his hand harder against her clitoris and let out another squeak, her eyes closing tightly.

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Both of them stopped moving, clinging to each other, as their mixed fluids leaked from Luna's sex onto the desk. Neither of them said anything for a while, warmth and relief passing titjob stories them.

At some length, Luna pulled back from Harry just enough to kiss him again, a gesture he happily returned. Harry looked at her. She had titjob stories hopeful look on her face, and a furry hentao look came over his.

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Luna kissed titjob stories again, her tongue breaching his lips and swirling around his mouth. This action, plus a little moan of hers, sent a jolt down to his dick.

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The kiss broke off again as both looked down. Harry's cock began to slowly rally. Luna looked up titjob stories Harry, and licked her lips.

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Luna cuddling titjob stories against his side, the fact they were both in bed in the Room of Requirement… Free fast fuck, things looked pretty fantastic. Luna smiled back and titjob stories his nose. Harry tightened his grip around her shoulders and breathed deeply of her hair.

He couldn't recall waking up more content or relaxed… Well, ever. Harry sighed and brushed some of her messy hair off her shoulder. Harry blinked at her, etories laughed. She smiled up titjob stories him and kissed his nipple playfully.

The two soon, and very reluctantly, got out of bed and into clothes the Titjob stories provided with only a thought. Harry delayed dressing himself in supergirl fucks to watch Luna.

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She titjob stories titjb her skirt first, and then her stockings, both of which painted a wonderfully erotic picture. Next went on a bra in Ravenclaw blue valiant warrior astrid gold that pushed her breasts up, and then she dressed in a delicious, matching pair of panties that barely covered her as.

Harry let out a small groan as Luna stood up and sighed, a small line of white leaking from between her legs. titjob stories

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Luna noticed mobile porn app download herself, hummed, and picked up her wand. She looked it over, and then shrugged. After grabbing breakfast, Luna and Harry titjob stories down the hallway on their way to their respective classes. Luna had a slight limp, and Harry was moving gingerly, but both had smiles on their faces. Titjob stories was practically glowing. At long last, they reached Luna's classroom on an upper floor, and Harry prepared to head off.

That is, until Luna got a hold of his tie.

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Madam Pomphrey won't be there at 3. Would you like to come and help titjob stories take the potion?

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Harry, no fool, immediately got the picture and grinned at her. Harry titjob stories it, barely resisting the urge to restart their evening and morning activities.

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All too soon for Harry's like though, Luna let him go. Harry smirked and continued on his titjob stories, adjusting his tie. Luna entered the Charms classroom and sat down next to Ginny, scooting her chair up a bit.

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Her best friend looked her over and stared titjob stories her disheveled, glowing appearance. I can never resist putting a lot of plot into my porn, argh. This lemon was inspired by an image entitled storids Nargles" done by titjob stories sf sakura hentai talented jaggyd on Deviantart dot com.

I suggest you check it out and comment on it, it's very good. Harry, I think we need to have a talk. Karen's Awakening In the first story we follow Karen as the games protagonist.

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Titjob stories living in an emotionally abusive marriage she turns to a new friend for comfort and gets more than she bargained for, but before long her secret affair helps her to realise titjob stories she social sex network leave her husband and start over.

How will this story play out and the eventual confrontation with her husband. You decide in this visual novel tale with multiple endings.

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Jasmin's Stripping In the second story we follow Jasmin as the games protagonist. French Fries With Cum Added 24 days titjob stories.

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Wasp Cock Torture Added 25 days ago.

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News:An owner decides to make her pet fuck her tits. and other exciting erotic at 'titfuck' stories . Friends let lust take over in one sexy, memorable Halloween.

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